One of the oldest methods of healthcare in practice today dating back to 3000bc. With origins in China, massage as we know it today is based on the techniques of per Henrik Ling.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, having studied in China, he developed a system of movements which he found helpful for improving his health and ,maintaining his physical condition. These movements are know as the ling system. In 1838 the Swedish Institute opened in London where Ling was president and today there are similar institutes all over the world. Holistic massage can improve your mental and physical health. It is a combination of various movements used to manipulate tissues for both local and overall effects and benefits. It is soothing, stimulating instinctive, safe, universal and comforting.

The benefits of massage are twofold:
  • physiological (relating to the physical structure of the body, and
  • psychological(relating to the mind)
Physiological Benefits include:
Improves skin tone, colour and elasticity
Reduces muscle tension and relieves soreness and stiffness
Encourages better lymph drainage and reduces swelling
Promotes general relaxation
Improves circulation
Boost immunity
Encourages sleep
Balances the digestive system
Lowers high blood pressure
Psychological Benefits include:
Relaxes the body, thereby reducing tension and the effects of stress
Improves body image, awareness and self esteem
Soothes and comforts the client
Increases energy levels. Less energy is spent in holding the body in a state
of tension and strain.


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