This is a Holistic treatment involving the use of essential oils to help improve your general well being. It is a complementary therapy that treats the whole person and not just the symptom or disease by assisting the body’s natural ability to balance, regulate and heal itself.

As the name suggests it is a form of aroma or scent therapy that is used to reduce stress, rejuvenate and rebalance and detoxify the body, enhance relaxation and relieve anxiety. The oils are not only absorbed into the lungs through inhalation, but are also worked into the body through the massage . The oils we use are 100% pure essential oils. Each oil has its own distinct scent and healing properties. It has long been understood that preventative measures go a long way towards protecting the body against all types of illnesses. So the relaxing and distressing influence of the oils combined with the massage, together with the effects of the immune system proves that aromatherapy is very much a preventative method of healing.

The Benefits of aromatherapy are many but include:
Help with colds and flu
Boost the immune system
Muscular pain
Skin conditions
Back Problems
Digestive conditions
Rheumatism and Arthritis  
Sleeping problems including nightmares and insomnia
psychological problems such as anxiety, lack of confidence,
fear, irritation and anger  


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